{truth be told} marcus&isabelle

The past couple of weeks going to school with everyone thinking you don’t remember anything really tore Marcus apart. Although, he managed to pull it off even if he didn’t know how he was doing it so well. It just killed him to know that no one knew that he remembered things again, the only person close enough to that was Lukas- but the blond just thought that Marcus only remembered him, not everything else. So walking through the school’s halls was torturous, and Marcus kept to himself as he looked at everyone walking passes him- connecting faces to memories all while they looked back at him like he was crazy.

And that wasn’t much of an understatement.

It felt like there was a war going on in Marcus’ head 24/7. Old feelings struggled to show themselves, and Marcus fought back hard to keep himself together; he didn’t want to return to his old self- he actually liked who he was during the time he didn’t remember shit. He was innocent, helpless almost, and everyone treated him like he was going to break at any moment.

He liked that, mostly because he didn’t like it when people expected things from him and he wasn’t going to lie when he said he liked getting almost everything he wanted- the perks of being an amnesiac. 

So, Marcus let out a sigh as he trudged his way through the hallways of Degrassi, headed towards the cafeteria to meet up with Lukas. But Marcus stopped himself when he saw a familiar face in the distance- Isabelle Jackson. A smile spread from ear to ear, and he rushed over to her. Oh, he hadn’t seen her in what felt like years- mostly because he spent most of his time with Lukas, but also because he felt weird being around anyone anyways because they didn’t know his secret.

But, he needed to see Isabelle, he missed her, and something inside his gut told him that maybe Isabelle would be a good person to tell. “Hey Tacobelle,” he yelled out, and he noticed peoples heads turning to look at him, and once he stood in front of her, he smiled widely and then looked down at the ground.

"Do you think we could go somewhere to talk?" Oh, was he really going to tell her?




Did you like, disappear from planet Earth? I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.

I know its been a while! We need to catch up, like soon.

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I feel really bad for procrastinating on my history essay, but I also don’t…


Same, but just with school in general.

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@Littlemartin; So I like it when my face is next to @luckyluka #selfie #blackandwhitelookedbetter #imonmytiptoes #werecute #boyfriends

@Littlemartin; So I like it when my face is next to @luckyluka #selfie #blackandwhitelookedbetter #imonmytiptoes #werecute #boyfriends

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long way home || lukas&marcus


Once Marcus answered, Lukas laughed softly, shaking his head. He took the plastic wrapping off of the package, and put the bag into the microwave. He smiled at Marcus as he walked into the kitchen, then pressed the popcorn button.

He watched as the shorter male hopped onto the counter. When he spoke, Lukas raised his brows, and chuckled lightly, a smirk playing on his lips. Still smirking, Lukas walked over to Marcus, and stood between his legs.

Their faces were now level. Lukas wrapped his arms around Marcus’ waist, the smirk still on his lips. “Your wish is my command,” He whispered, pressing his lips against Marcus’.

The first thing that Marcus did was wrap his arms around Lukas’ neck, and then he leaned in to press his lips against the blond’s. They stayed like that for a while, just kissing pressed up against each other. It was nice, to be passionate with Lukas once again, but Marcus remembered this was all they had ever done- they never had sex.

Then again, Lukas was big on the ‘saving it for marriage’ and ‘god’ fiasco. Although, Marcus noticed the guy hasn’t been talking about anything religious lately. Maybe it was just a phase, he thought as he continued to kiss Lukas. With the dull sound of the microwave in the background, Marcus moved his lips down to the blondes jaw, kissing there a little bit before he got to his neck.

As soon as he pressed his lips to his skin, he felt Lukas shiver, and Marcus grinned as he slowly kissed his neck. It didn’t take him long to switch it up a bit as he began to nip and suck slightly, leaving love bites against his pale skin. But, just as Marcus was kissing his neck, he heard Lukas let out a quiet moan, instantly followed by the microwaves beep.

Giggling, Marcus pulled back from the blond’s neck and he looked at Lukas with a large smile, “Good thing you’r parents are gone for the night, or you’d have to explain where you got all those,” he spoke slowly as he eyed the multiple hickeys on his boyfriends neck.

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long way home || lukas&marcus


Lukas smiled as Marcus pecked his cheek, then the two of them went off their separate ways; Lukas up the stairs, and Marcus into the living room. He walked up the stairs, then down the hall to his room.

The whole way to his room, Lukas couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He was just so happy now, and he felt like nothing could take that happiness away.

Marcus was his again.

As he rolled the suitcase into his room, he heard Marcus shout from downstairs. He quickly exited his room, and bounced happily down the stairs. He entered the living room, and went around the the couch where Marcus had made himself comfortable.

"How did I know you were gonna pick Frozen?" Lukas asked, picking up the DVD case. He chuckled lightly, and bent down to give Marcus a kiss, before going to the DVD player and placing the disk in.

From there, he moved across the living room, and into the kitchen. He rummaged through a cabinet momentarily, before finding a bag of popcorn.

"Do you want popcorn, babe?" Lukas asked, calling to Marcus from the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for Lukas to come down at all, and Marcus smiled as he watched him walk into the living room. “Oh- well you know, its a really cute movie and it reminds me of us that’s all,” he laughed quietly, and then his face broke out into a huge smile when Lukas pressed his lips against his. “I love that,” he muttered about the kiss, and then he sunk deeper into the couch, biting his bottom lip.

Lukas had to be the best boyfriend ever, there was no denying that. After every person- every fling, he’s ever had, Lukas had proved himself as more than that. He stuck by his side during the amnesia, which was all he could’ve ever asked for. 

Marcus’ thoughts were interrupted when Lukas’ voice sounded from somewhere, asking if he wanted popcorn, and Marcus laughed. “Of course, I do-” he yelled out, but then he noticed Lukas used the word babe, and a blush made its way onto Marcus’ cheeks, “babe,” He added with a smile.

Then after a couple seconds passed, Marcus got off the couch and made his way to the kitchen. Seeing Lukas put the popcorn in the microwave made him smile a bit, and then the shorter boy made his way over to the counter. He jumped up, and sat down and then looked at the blond with a playful smile. “Come here,” he said as he held his arms out, “I want to kiss you.” He chuckled slightly.

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long way home || lukas&marcus


Once Marcus was awake, Lukas smiled softly at him, and climbed out of the car. His parents cars were gone, since they both had to work later in the evening. He noticed Marcus walk towards the trunk, and Lukas quickly made his way back there.

The trunk opened, and Lukas quickly took the suitcase out of it before Marcus could. He smiled cheekily at him when he thanked him, then closed the trunk. He set the suitcase on the ground, and pulled it behind him as they walked towards the house.

Lukas smiled when Marcus said he had missed the house. He had only been there a handful of times after the shooting, and most of the time Skyler was there, too. Lukas liked it when the three of them hung out together. It was nice.

The keys turned in the lock, and the two of them entered the house. “I’ll put this upstairs, and then you can pick a movie for us, yeah?” Lukas suggested, stopping at the bottom of the staircase.

As soon as the two got inside, Lukas headed for the staircase and Marcus followed, but before the blond went up, he turned to the boy and asked him to pick a movie while he would put away the suitcase. Marcus smiled and nodded his head, getting on his tip toes to press a kiss to the blonds cheek. “Okay,” he smiled softly, and turned away to walk towards the living room. 

Once he got there, he walked over to the entertainment center and crouched down, looking over at all the movies. It didn’t take him long to spot Frozen, and he chuckled to himself as he pulled it out. Flashbacks of him sitting next to Lukas in the movie theater watching the movie, as his pulse was racing because they snuck in- raced through his head.

"I picked the movie," Marcus yelled out, and then walked over to the table by the couch and set the movie case down. Plopping his body on the couch, he smiled to himself as he waited for the blond to come downstairs.

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Anon of the week: How does it feel to be able to remember everything again?

It kind of really sucks. No one knows that I know, so..


Haha, yeah…


I guess your first day didn’t go too well either?

People stared at me all day.

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Worst first day of school ever.



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