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I'm sorry I dont laugh at the right times.

Marcus Martin.
Sophomore at Degrassi, and determined to make this year the best!
Retrograde Amnesiac.

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Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just sick of seeing all these couples everywhere, you know? I dunno. It’s stupid…


Hey its not stupid, what you’re feeling isn’t stupid, Skyler.

You miss him- Levi, don’t you? 

  • marcus: i just gave lukas his first blowjob!!!!!!!!


I guess I’m just gonna… go, then…


You alright?

  • Skyler: marcus...
  • Skyler: you do realize it would be your child
  • Marcus: oh uh
  • Marcus: are you sure?
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  • Skyler: okay i have something to tell you and i dont know how to say it so im going to text it
  • Skyler: i might be pregnant
  • Skyler: Levi is coming down today & im gonna take the test
  • Skyler: we will see where things go from there
  • Marcus: oh thats so exciting but im not sure why you're telling me
  • Marcus: i hope things work out for you? :)
  • Marcus: but if you are pregnant can i like help with like parties and stuff because babys are cUTE AND I KNOW THATS A POSSIBLE NINE MONTHS AWAY BUT HEY
  • Marcus: decorating is fun, ive been doing it a lot
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{more to me} larcus


Lukas laid on the couch, his legs hanging off the end of it, simply because he was too tall. He arm laid across his chest, sealed in a blue cast, in a sling. He had broken his arm when he got mugged.

Not only that, they had left him with multiple cracked ribs, which made it hard to breathe. And, four stitches on his forehead from when they bashed him with a crowbar. He shuttered at the thought.

His parents weren’t home, and they felt bad about it. Their son was extremely injured, and they had to go to work. But Lukas understood, they had to. 

He sat there, waiting for Marcus to come over. His mom advised that it’d be good for him to come over, to look out for him in a way. Lukas didn’t mind that at all.

He didn’t have to wait long at all, Marcus did live right across the street, after all. He heard the knocks on the door, and he slowly, and very carefully got up from the couch. He walked over the door, and opened it.

It took him a moment to register that it was Marcus standing on the other side of the door. He was practically jumping in his place, and he just looked, different. His hair was red, and he had dark bags under his eyes.

"Oh," Lukas finally snapped back into it. "Sorry, hey." He whispered, smiling down at Marcus, leaning in for a kiss.

Looking up at Lukas, Marcus smiled and shrugged his shoulder, “Its’ alright-” he spoke fast, and then stood on his tip toes to press his lips against Lukas’, meeting him halfway. A couple seconds passed, and then Marcus passed Lukas and into the house in a couple seconds. “So, do you like it? My hair?” He turned around and brought his hand up to his red hair, “I love it so much.” He barely gave him any time to respond, “I’ve just been dying to do something different, and with the homecoming nominations I just thought, well fuck, now is the time to do anything- I can do anything!”

Chuckling softly, Marcus barely paused as something clicked in his head, “Oh yeah, the homecoming nom’s,” he walked over to Lukas and smiled widely, looking into his eyes, “I’ve been thinking about it all night, like what we’re going to wear and just how sexy you’re going to look in a tux,” as he said the last part, seduction seeped into his voice, and then a second later, he was back to rambling.

"But its going to be perfect, we’re going to win and I’m so excited for it, aren’t you? I mean, I look amazing, and I feel amazing,” his smile widened, “Especially because I haven’t gotten like any sleep, but then again sleep is for the weak, and I haven’t slept for like what, a week?” 

Then Marcus started for the couch, and when he sat down, he looked around the room, “So how’ve you been feeling? Because I’ve just been so worried about you, like that’s all I’ve been thinking about is you and that’s totally fine because you’re just amazing, and I mean, I’m here to help and that’s all that matters, and I can do almost anything for you when you want it, even if you want me to rearrange your whole house, because let me tell you something-“

Sucking in a deep breath, Marcus leaned back on the couch, “I have rearranged my entire room like, I don’t know, about ten times maybe? Ugh, I don’t know- do you have any water? My mouth’s kinda dry, oops.” He chuckled softly and looked at Lukas with big sullen eyes, that contrasted with the exciting and sparkling gaze.

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marcus with red hair got me like wOAH

{more to me} larcus

It was like Marcus was on a never ending coffee high, and he never wanted it to ever stop, ever.

It was like for once in his entire life, he felt great, loved and just on point for everything that the world had to throw at him. He kept himself busy too, because he didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing while he felt this new burst of power- so he did as many things as he could, which mean sleep meant nothing to him- there was no need to sleep when you had everything the world had to offer! So during the early mornings, he’d clean and clean, it was like he couldn’t stop cleaning, and then came the organizing.

It started off small, with where to place all the junk in his room, to reorganizing his school supplies, but then he felt like his whole room needed to be different. So he did just that, he organized his room, but then the following day, it just didn’t seem right so he did it again.

And again, and again.

Soon enough Marcus just felt a general pleasure from rearranging his room, and actually thought about finding out how many different ways there were to make his room seem different. But then just as soon as that thought came, he got bored with it and craved to do something else. It didn’t help that his hormones were off the chart too, but that was a different story. 

Then Marcus found out him and Lukas were nominated for the homecoming court. The news thrilled Marcus, and suddenly he was submerged in the thoughts of him and Lukas winning king and king- oh it was just perfect, especially because he just knew they were going to win, there was no doubt to it. So, with the thoughts of homecoming running through his head, he decided to plan everything and anything about what he was going to look like, what Lukas would wear too, and how they were going to get there.

And then suddenly the perfect idea came to mind.

One full bottle of hair dye later, Marcus found himself staring at his reflection in the mirror admiring the new red shade. It was perfect, it was so him, he just had to show Lukas this second, so that’s what he was going to do. Marcus put on skinny jeans, and one of Lukas’ tank tops that he found on the ground and left his house at the speed of lighting.

Walking across the street, Marcus went to Lukas’ doorstep and knocked on the door- his heart racing, did Lukas know about the nominations? Oh, was he going to like his hair? Marcus just couldn’t keep still as he waited for the door to open.